Powered by Intuition Interview

Powered by Intuition Interview

Angela Artemis from PoweredByIntuition.com just did a great interview with me about energy work and my book Energy Anatomy.

In the interview I talk about:

  • My background as a healer
  • The path that got me to healing
  • What “energy work” means to me
  • The value of skepticism
  • Physically seeing energy
  • Analytical versus Intuitive balance in the Third Eye
  • Who should go for energy healing?
  • Discord among the many selves
  • How beliefs form mexperiences
  • How to clear your own energy
  • Mistakes that student healers make
  • My new book project
  • The importance of not believing anything I say

Click here to listen to: Finally, a No Nonsense Guide to Energy Work →

Let me know what you think!


  1. Fred Tracy ()

    It was an awesome interview. I really enjoyed it.

    The whole “interested skeptic” really resonates with me. I think I may have to steal that term. :)

    Take care. (Reply)

  2. Arvind Devalia ()

    Fascinating interview!

    I loved the analogy of the magnetic field to describe our energy field.

    Peter, this interview has been a great introduction for me to the field of energy healing etc, so thanks a lot.

    Now to focus on my own energy work…:-) (Reply)

  3. Klara ()

    im new to your blog but this interview mademe really interested in your stuff. im glad to come to ur blog. (Reply)