Photo Reading: Susan

Photo Reading: Susan

This is a photo reading I did with Susan. The only information I had going into this reading was her name and this photo. Here’s how the reading went!

My Reading


You’re a beautiful and gentle soul. You have an almost child-like energy.

You feel anxious and sometimes fearful, and that you have a man that balances that by making you feel secure. He’s masculine, and grounded, pretty traditional, a “man’s man,” and his influence calms you. Good for you for finding him. You seem really stable together. 8)

You have a budding psychic ability, and I think you’re interested in exploring that, but your fear is blocking you. It’s also blocking your profession. You’re in the allied health professions, but not in a traditional field, something a little more fringe, but it’s still helping people. Something to do with mental health, and clearing blocks. You’ve begun to get serious about it recently.

The issue is that you feel a little fraudulent because what you do is supposed to make people feel stable, but you yourself do not feel stable. So you think “who am I?” and you question whether you’re good enough.

The answer is a little complicated. First of all, NO, you’re not an impostor. Everyone feels like that–google “impostor syndrome.”

But you’re going to use your talents to stabilize yourself, just like you think. But not in the way you think. The core of the issue is that you feel you lack a strong identity. When you find that identity, you’ll notice an upswing in libido, followed by a confidence you’ve rarely felt in life. When you feel that confidence, you’ll know through to your bones that people need your help and you’re just the woman for the job.

When that happens, it’ll be an awakening for you. It’ll also mean that your strong relationship will change–it won’t be a bad thing! But your husband and you will have to adjust to the “new you.” He gains a lot of significance from being there for you, and he’ll be a little lost when you stop needing him so much. Make sure you honor him, and make him feel special, important, and needed!

You’re going to rock the world, I’m so excited for you!!

Her Response

So accurate that I am practically speechless … I honestly don’t know what to say … amazing.

Thanks so much for this.

That was a general reading for Susan. I also do readings focused on money, relationships, health, or any other specific area you want to know about. Click here to find out more about my photo readings →


    • Pete ()

      Good question! I might flesh this out to a full post, but my process goes like this:

      1) I look at the picture for a while, just absorbing it, seeing the masks, looking past the masks.

      2) I write a bullet point list of features that jump out at me, like “sad, married, passion, art, 1 daughter, 2 sons” or whatever.

      3) Round 2 of absorbing, I don’t just soak up random information, I look into what I can find from each chakra. That’s a largely visual thing for me, and give me more specific information, like living situation, libido, ability to connect, etc. Each of these things, I add to the list I started in #2.

      4) I look at the picture the bullet list forms of the person and the struggles they face, and I put it together into a useful narrative.

      5) I write what I figured out in #4. Sometimes as I’m doing this, new information occurs to me, and I’ll incorporate it.

      For some people the whole process flows, for others I struggle. Normally if I get stuck, it’s on the part where I try to translate the raw data into a useful narrative. One thing that’s rough for me is reading people I already know, because my rational mind tries to take over and fill in the blanks instead of just being present to the information I’m getting.

      Does that answer your question? (Reply)

  1. Susan ()

    ok was number 2 just a random comment or was that actually from my reading – cause i actually do have 1 daughter and 2 sons … :) (Reply)