Photo Reading: Lauren

Photo Reading: Lauren

This is a photo reading I did with Lauren. The only information I had going into this reading was her name and this photo. Here’s how the reading went!

My Reading


You’re a lovely girl, and very bright.

You’re a little lost right now, which is fine. You’re not sure who you are or what your calling really is, so you’re just doing what you’re “supposed” to do according to your family, and culture. You have some ideas, but you know it’s not quite “right” though. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that, you’ll find your calling, and this is all part of the path as well.

I see conflict in you. When you’re faced with emotional situations, you react in the moment, but in retrospect you don’t always like your reactions. You kind of beat yourself up about it later, like “Why couldn’t I have just been more in control?”

The answer to that question is complicated. You are a very feminine girl, surrounded by a society that misunderstands and often maligns femininity. Being feminine is about expressing and feeling freely, which is the opposite of control. It’s about letting feelings wash over you like the ocean.

The real issue you’re having is related to your finding that path I mentioned before. You haven’t yet build a strong sense of purpose and identity as a woman, so those feelings that wash over you are not coming from a place of feminine power and love. Instead they often come from anger or insecurity. Having those strong emotions is part of your strength and beauty as a feminine woman, so please honor that in yourself. Don’t think that’s wrong, and try to control that like a man would. Instead realize that the issue is really about the authenticity and congruency of those emotions.

When you learn about yourself, and come into your own as a radiant and powerful woman, you will find that the feelings you have will remain intense. But instead of being frustrated by them, you will be empowered by them and learn to honor them.

Part of that learning about yourself means finding partners. I can see you’re mostly heterosexual. When it comes to guys, right now you are most intensely attracted to very masculine, grounded men. That is natural as you are feminine and you don’t have that really strong rooting yet, as I was talking about above. Be careful with these men though: they will tend to shape and dominate your identity. Remember that you are responsible for your own growth, and be sure at all times that are comfortable and happy with the influences your partners put you under.

There will come a time when you no longer need that dominantly masculine man. In fact that type of masculinity is the immature and insecure type that relies on bullheaded dominance and displays of power. You’ll find as you mature into that powerful feminine force I described, you’ll be turned off by the men that used to attract you. Instead you’ll seek out more balanced men: masculine to the core, but in touch with his feminine side, and ready to be true partners with you.

Remember, as you grow, to honor yourself by staying connected to your heart above all else. Ask yourself as you think and feel and decide: am I operating from a place of fear and anger? Or from a place of love?

If you side with love, you’ll grow into a shining example of a woman and magnetize exactly the kind of man you deserve and desire.

Her Response

Pete oh my goodness you read me like a book–what a beautiful reading, soo right on I can’t even say that one part was a little off or didn’t resonate it was like bam bam bam right on the mark haha!!! I can’t believe you read all of that off one photo. You’re soooooo right about me being a bit lost and every guy i have dated in the past few months have been masculine go getters who know themselves very well and I thirst for them because of my own lack of identity. I know that everything you read you provided in the reading however if you had even a tiny instinct or feeling about what i should do or what my calling relates to or even a vague idea/launching point that would be point me in the right direction I would so appreciate it. If you didn’t get anything about that cuz i know that’s probably getting specific, then no worries it was an amazing reading.

My Follow Up


I’m so glad the reading resonated 8)

Your path is going to be tricky for you. A person blazes a path through their life only after they’ve come to know themselves, and then create themselves to be who they choose to be. After that point of self discovery, a path normally rolls out in front of you. It’s a path that you couldn’t have followed before that discovery phase.

So the reason I said it’s fine that you’re not sure about your path yet is that it’s not yet time for you to drive toward your mission, so to speak. Right now it’s time to discover yourself. And you’re going to create opportunities to grow and discover yourself just by living your life, regardless of what you’re doing right now. Take this time to try lots of different things, without strong attachment to any of them.

Just be careful not to wander into a career or relationship that traps you. Be mindful of always moving and growing, and you will create yourself first, then your true path.

That was a general reading for Lauren. I also do readings focused on money, relationships, health, or any other specific area you want to know about. Click here to find out more about my photo readings →