I Choose Everything

I Choose Everything

I’ve spent a lot of time considering not only what should go on this site, but also what I should focus on in my life. I like a lot of different things. I obviously spend a lot of time thinking about psychology and spirituality, which I write about here. Most people don’t realize I’m also an artist, a professional software developer, a math enthusiast, an entrepreneur, an improv comedian, and more (so much more…).

The perennial problem for people like me is too many options. What do I do with my time? With my life? What should I focus on?

I go through phases where I want to focus on different things, hoping I can finally settle, but it never works out. If I do too much of one thing I like, I miss the other things I like. I get bored and listless.

So I decided to embrace my inner polymath, and just do All The Things. I choose everything.

So, to commemorate my decision, I have spread my wings a little. This blog will not change, I like it talking about what it talks about. But now I’ve built two new places to support my other two major areas of interest.

The first is PeteArt.com, which has a selection of my paintings for download and for sale. Buy all the prints so I have lots of money and I can write really good posts for you.

The other is PeteMichaud.github.com. Github is where all the cool kids in technology keep their software source code, and I’m super cool so a lot of my work is there too. If you’re curious about my technical work and thoughts, check it out.


The downside to spreading my attention is maybe that I’ll do less of one particular thing or I won’t be as good at it a someone who does it all the time. The practical reality is that if I try to do one thing for too long, I burn out, so I’m not really doing it “all the time” anyway.

The upside is that really interesting things happen when multiple disciplines overlap. I’m among a sea of software developers who can write Ruby, but how many of them are professional artists? There are lots of artists, but how many artists also have a solid foundation in physics? Blogging is crowded, but how many personal development bloggers can also write enterprise scale web applications?

I built Kenrose because I am a writer and a software developer. What will I do next? I suspect that “synergy” may be more valuable than the lack of focus costs, but that remains to be seen. What do you think?


  1. Karilee ()

    I recently heard the term “scanner personality”. Sounds like someone whose mantra would be “I choose everything!”

    Which resonates with me too, of course. I may bemoan my lack of focus at times, but it’s balanced by the synergies that come from wide interests. At least I like to think so.

    I like your art site. The first two lines of your bio over there are quite the attention-getter. Well done! (Reply)

  2. Josh ()

    Your artwork, especially that labyrinth one, looks like some kind of 3D animation. I love that, and thanks for working towards the actualization of your renaissance man personality type. Not quite as far along the path as you, but I’m starting the Physics right now. Udacity! (Reply)

  3. Masha ()

    This article is a balm for my ever-unfocused soul!
    I used to work in a genetics lab, as a zoo-keeper, as a gardener, botanist, writer, drug worker, adult education teacher, groupworker, before becoming a psychotherapist, and I would happily keep doing all of these things simultaneously (perhaps apart from the genetics lab bit) – and as I am writing this I am realising that I AM actually doing pretty much of these things anyway :-)) (Reply)