How to Draw

How to Draw

The Last Psychiatrist just released an article that beautifully articulates a point I’ve made weakly several times in my writing.

The point is essentially that we project so much of our own meaning onto the world that we forget to see what’s actually there.

… Edwards calls this the “tyranny of the symbol system” because it dictates to us, forces our hand to draw symbols rather than what we see.

But it isn’t simply that we draw using these symbols; we perceive using them as well. I don’t bother to see the actual shape of a head because it was never important to; in order to see it for what it really is, I need to practice my perception. It is easy for me to see a news story as a manufactured construct, but it never occurred to me I was seeing every day objects wrong. My tilted computer monitor isn’t a rectangle; it’s a trapezoid.

You’ll never make the huge breakthroughs you want in your life if you don’t teach yourself to see what’s really there.

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  1. Fred Tracy ()

    I have this strange realization a couple of times before.

    The most profound and strange was when I was watching an Osho (a spiritual teacher) video on my monitor and I was very present, and then I saw the pixels become individualized. Like I was seeing individual little bits of color rather than my mind constructing its own perception of the image.

    It was very strange indeed. (Reply)

    • Pete ()

      Yeah, you can do something similar with a word by picking something and just repeating it until it becomes gibberish. It’ll lose all meaning, you’ll hear the actual sound instead of what it means. (Reply)

  2. MOMO ()

    I did this so often as a child I believe people sometimes thought I was a little off. I think that’s why I make a lot of guttural/non word sounds to this day.

    The way I perceive art and sound is very selfish. I create a meaning for it and don’t really take the time to think what the artist is saying, nor do I care to until I’ve decided for myself what it means to me.

    This is where I’m at in my own mind/life too and I’m sure it will change.

    It’s been a (California) minute since I’ve checked out your blog and I’m glad I did :) (Reply)