Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief

Ok, look, hippies. There’s something New Agey people need to understand.

We’re always busy looking for signs from the universe about our path, and shit like that. We say that when we’re following our path, it gets easier because the universe says “yes” and helps us. It’s more complicated than that.

There’s a danger here of learning helplessness, groping through the dark, frustrated at not being able to figure out the path that our mother universe has laid out before us. This sense that we’re doing it wrong because we haven’t discovered it yet, and that when we do finally discover it, the mysteries of the world will unravel before us in a divine cacophony of insight. We just haven’t been perceptive enough to see the signs that are waiting out there for us.

But that groping, that clawing at the door of an imagined mother figure, is the very force in our lives that holds us back. I asked myself why, with the red carpet out before me, could I not grow and maintain a roster of clients large enough to give me a livable income?

The fire in my chest for helping people burned true, I didn’t just imagine it. But it didn’t burn because I stumbled into the sign that unlocked my life for me.

It burned because I set it on fire.

There are no signs, but those you create for yourself. Your guides aren’t your parents, and you their hapless child. Your guides are your advisers, and you are their president. You set the course. You call the shots. By your singular vision and determination you will succeed. Or by your ambivalence and uncertainty, you fail.

Your doors slam shut in your face because you are ambivalent, not because they are wrong according to some external authority or plan. Stuff doesn’t work because you change your mind, your attention drifts, and soon you’re focused on something other than the path that you had been traveling on.

There’s no trick, there’s no sign, and there’s no plan, except the one you create.

If you want something through to your core, and you focus on it with a fire in your gut that the world can’t douse, then you will create whatever you’re burning for.


  1. Karilee ()

    Well said, Pete! I do think that I’ve let my fires be banked, and that the journey of the next year will be about getting clear on what I WANT. And you’re right – nothing’s going to burn until I set it on fire. (Reply)

  2. Suzanne Bird-Harris ()

    Pete, the distinction you make in this post was one of the hardest ones I had to wrap my very-human brain around, but once I did – holy smokes, things started going my way. And it makes sense, if you think about it. This isn’t our guides’ show – it’s OURS! They are available to help and guide us (hello – that’s why they’re called guides), not decide for us what we want. That’s our job. Along with taking action. (Reply)

  3. Eric ()

    I read the book you recommended at the end of Energy Anatomy, The Way of the Superior Man. I stopped jerking off and it has helped quite a bit with getting my fire integrated into my life. Combined with some simple breathing stuff and a little daily work on chakras. Little by little I’m working on developing the ability to “connect” to others with a presence. (Reply)

  4. Connor ()

    Distractions come in ALL shapes and sizes too. If something isn’t taking you closer to where you want to be, it is taking you farther away. Don’t let that happen. There is NO such thing as middle ground here. (Reply)

  5. Somebody ()

    Hi, Pete. When you say “New Ager”… I’m wondering how you’re acquainted with this concept? And also this mother universe concept? I’m curious… Are you a New Ager or are you Christian? (Reply)

    • Pete ()

      None of the above! I had a combative tone in this post, but it was coming from a place of love. I have complicated beliefs. You might think of this entire blog as me trying to explain my spiritual beliefs in full detail (and falling short). (Reply)