Your Reality is an Illusion

We now know that the moon is demonstrably not there when nobody looks.N. David Mermin

“Reality is an illusion.” Even to myself I sound like a drooling hippy, but the difference between the hippy and me is that I know that it’s an illusion and they are just repeating something that sounds deep. I want to correct that by writing a few things about how reality works versus how we think reality works.

So, I’m going to write a little about quantum physics and my goal is to make the essays accessible enough for my 10 year old son to understand them (he’ll be editing the essays before they are published).


You may feel like physics is a big departure from procrastination or motivational essays, but think about this:

Maybe we think our careers really are important. How can we know—not just tell ourselves, but really know—what’s important unless we understand what the world is made of? If you’re playing a game that gives you infinite lives are you going to take bigger risks than if you know you just have one life? If the game of life is scored by love and you’re focusing on cash, won’t you lose the game?

Scott Bacula

The world according to Scott Bacula's chest hair

Physics. What we know (so far) about the way the world really works. I’m not a professional physicist, but I will definitely be soliciting the advice of those who are to make sure what I write is accurate (instead of hand wavy bullshit you get most of the time).

The series will lay the mysteries of quantum mechanics bare:

  • What is Quantum Mechanics?
  • Quantum Mechanics is normal, we are the weird ones.
  • What you know about Quantum Mechanics is pretty much wrong
  • The implications of Quantum Mechanics on our daily lives