Pete Michaud

This page and this site are more about you than they are about me. You’re here because you’re curious. So am I.

You’ve asked for a sign to let you know you’re on the right path. This is your sign.

Most of what I write about here asks you to dig deeper into your thoughts and your feelings and find new dimensions of understanding. I will to challenge you to understand yourself and the world around you in a deeper and more complete way.

My challenges will sometimes be painful, especially for those of you (like me) who believe they are intellectual, smart, and honest.

Sometimes I will defy you to reach out for what’s possible. Sometimes I will admonish you to gaze in for what’s true.

My hope is that my challenges are always worth it.

Occasionally you’ll think I’m an idiot or an asshole, and I’m alright with that because reaching outside of normal experience for truth and understanding will lead to harrowing and confusing places. Think what you will, I will be here at the edge waiting for you.

Who am I?

I am an artist, and tech geek, and a writer. Are you looking for permission to hear what I say? Here are my credentials:

Here are some words from some people I’ve helped or inspired in some way:

Pete’s really inspired me that SO much is possible in the universe, and that things sometimes aren’t really as they seem. What drived me the most was his outlook on things, especially when you take into consideration his background, and what happened to him.

When I started reading his blog I was really in on starting businesses, I now run Helpjuice.

He’s really valuable in the areas of self-help and can really give you a great, and different perspective.

If he ever started a coaching program, I’d definitely pay for it.

-Emil Hajric

I very rarely read other blogs as I find that most of them are tedious, preaching, ego-driven, “I’ve heard it all before” kind of stuff. Yours is different – there is passion, authenticity, fire (the scorching bit! :-)) and truth. I guess one of the reasons I find your blog inspiring is that I would love to be able to write in this way myself – but as yet I do not have enough courage to speak my truth with the clarity and freedom that shine through your words. So every time I read one of your articles it reminds my internal “satnav” to stay on track, not to lose sight of what’s important, and to discard the superficial.

-Masha Bennett

A lot of authors seem to simply regurgitate topics that have already been covered, but your writing actually makes me see things from another point of view. It is more of an expansion than simply finding more stuff I already agree with. I’m not just blowing sunshine up your ass that’s really how I feel. Hope you will keep up the posts.

-Jen Tanne

Pete Michaud’s blog is one that I’ve been reading and coming back to for the past several years, and I have always enjoyed it. Pete writes in a way that is bold and daring. He’s not afraid to piss you off a reader, and that makes his writing special. But in addition to that, he also shows genuine caring. He pisses you off because he wants you to succeed. I remember leaving a comment, and I received a very kind e-mail from Pete a few days later. He had looked at my blog, found out that I had Crohn’s Disease, and sent me some alternative treatments. Much appreciated, Pete

-Josh Lipovetsky

Your words reenforce many things that I already know. Your unique perspectives and the way that you approach life’s problems always inspire me to keep trying. I feel I benefit greatly from what you say. It makes me rethink my problems and obstacles. Thank you for being out there!

-Susanne Partain

I’m an avid blog reader – I know the blogs that are rocking it in the world wide web. I love blogs because they allow you to participate in the author’s journey of growth, and in the process, take on insights that enrich my own growth. So I choose well what blogs I read as I can’t possibly have enough time to read all of my favorite.

Pete’s blog gripped me when I first stumbled into it, back in 2009. I love that Pete is able to balance communicating from both the right brain and left brain perspective – that’s not easy for a lot of writers. The writing is punchy yet compassionate, highly intelligent yet down to earth. Most importantly, Pete shares insights that don’t just cause you to shift the way you think, but are practical for our daily living.

I always look forward to reading updates on this blog, because you never read the same article twice!

-Kageni Pierce

If you’re looking for permission to believe what you read here, you have mine. If you’re curious about what comes next:

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